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Welding Services in El Paso

Sunland Park Pipe Fitting and Structural Welding Services

Code Welding/ASME in El Paso

  • Top-rated Commercial Code Welding In The Southwest
  • Only Experienced And Reliable Welders
  • Several Years Of Commercial And Industrial Welding Expertise
  • Best Customer Service And Support In The Industry
  • Comprehensive Installation And Maintenance Plans Available
  • Only Post-Weld Heat Treatment In The Southwest
  • General And Specialty Welding Experience
Code Welding/ASME, Pipe Fitting

C&E Industrial Services, Inc. prides itself on forging the strongest connections that the Southwest has to offer. Through years of projects and expertise, our welders have amassed the skills necessary to complete any project on time and within budget. Code welding and pipe fitting can be a deceptively complex skill—trust the experts with a proven track record of excellence. 

Call C&E at (575) 997-0190 or go online for quality welding services in Sunland Park and El Paso. 

ASME Code Welding Services in El Paso

C&E Industrial Services, Inc. has an excellent team of certified industrial welders and pipefitters prepared to arrive on-site ready for any situation. Our quality control professionals will inspect the project to ensure all specifications and procedures are met and followed. 

C&E code welding complies with the Jurisdictional Authority, ASME, and The National Inspection Code. ASME standards, in particular, hold us to a higher standard of craftsmanship, one that we exceed daily. Our welders with certifications in a variety of different welding services in Sunland Park and El Paso. The C&E code welding process manages to keep the integrity of your materials for years to come. And with a quality control system for repairs and alterations, our workforce can be set up on-site almost immediately.

Specialty Boiler Tube and Hot Spot Repairs

We are certified for repairs and or alterations to Pressure Retaining Items (PRI) by the National Inspection Code. We also employ certified SMAW and GTAW welders, so quality and safety are always points of emphasis for our team. Our other certifications include R-Stamp, S-Stamp, and U-Stamp Certification marks. And our code welding services in Sunland Park are extremely diverse, allowing us to take on any project with confidence and expertise. We also fabricate and install piping with our proficient certified pipe fitting team. Our certified welders are tested to comply with ASME and NBIC regulations for welding a variety of different metals and alloys:

  • Alloy-20
  • Hastelloy
  • Monel

Welding Fabrication Shop

Our welding fabrication shop has decades of experience with a number of different metals and alloys, including the metals below:

  • Carbon
  • Inconel
  • Stainless
  • Chrome

Post Weld Heat Treat Services

C&E Industrial Services, Inc. is the only company in the region to offer post-weld heat treatment because we understand the importance of strong pipes. Welding can often take a toll on the material being welded, depending on the welding required and the type of material. Post-weld heat treatment regains the strength of the material, so the weaknesses caused by welding don’t compromise your pipes under heavy load. 

Our team is ready to work in refineries, petrochemical plants, gas plants, oil fields, mines, power generating plants (nuclear, fossil, and hydro), metal processing, and fabrication shops. We offer welding services for preheating and stress relief of piping, pressure vessels, and fabrication, as well as shop heat treating for new construction, plant maintenance, and fabrication.

C&E Industrial Services, Inc. | The Southwest’s Most Trusted Welding Team

Regardless of the size of the project, C&E Industrial Services, Inc. can handle any workload. Code welding and pipe fitting are just two areas of expertise that elevate us above any other industrial services company. Our team of ASME-certified welders can guarantee the best results for your pipe fitting operation. 

Contact us online or call (575) 997-0190 to learn more about our outstanding welding services in Sunland Park, El Paso, and surrounding areas!

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