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Commercial Construction in El Paso

  • The Southwest’s experts in commercial construction
  • Reliable and experienced staff
  • Years of industrial expertise
  • Comprehensive service package for all projects
  • Top rated construction company in El Paso
  • Highly-reviewed projects across the region
  • General and specialty project operations available

Commercial Construction

Building structures from the ground up is a monumental task. Excavation, soil stabilization, and foundations all take time and planning—and that’s before the structure can even start being built! These steps are crucial; poor execution can mean foundational issues with your building, and wasted money trying to fix them. C&E Industrial Services, Inc. has years of experience in commercial construction and can ensure your project is done the right way the first time. We have knowledge of every part of the process and have the best construction experts in the Southwest. When you choose C&E, you’re choosing the best team for your construction project. 

Commercial Construction in El Paso

El Paso represents a unique challenge for commercial construction. The soil in this region has a loam and sandy texture throughout, which makes construction difficult. Elevation changes are a mark of El Paso, and the city’s climate requires a flexible construction style that can be effective in hot and cool climate conditions. Trusting a company with extensive experience in Southwestern construction is a must. C&E Industrial Services, Inc. has spent years acclimating to the New Mexico and Texas environment, and our staff are experts in the region.

Services We Offer

  • Excavation/Site Work
  • Specialty Structures and Foundations
  • Specialty Buildings
  • Utilities
  • Deep Trenching
  • Selective Demolition
  • Site Work

Building The Southwest From The Ground Up

For some companies, there’s only a focus on excavation, deep trenching, or demolition. At C&E, we take pride in being able to complete an entire project from excavation to HVAC and plumbing. We find that this system allows the site and building to be optimized from the start with a clear vision. Using multiple companies/contractors to handle these tasks may result in inconsistencies and potential failures in the structure. For quality and cohesive commercial construction, C&E Industrial is the Southwest’s best company for the job.

Government and Private Construction Experience

In our decades of experience, we’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to work on great private and commercial projects. In the government sector, we’ve worked on universities, missile ranges, and power grids that affect hundreds of thousands of people. In the private sector, we’ve worked on factory and site development, as well as large-scale remodeling efforts. No project is too large for our staff, and you can count on our staff to be on-time and on-budget.

Choosing C&E For Your Project

Nothing is worse than trusting a major project to a contractor, only for them to fail and waste your time and money. Commercial construction is a tough business; trust the company who has a track record or reliability and quality. Contact C&E Industrial Services if you want your project done right!

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