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Commercial HVAC in El Paso | Taking Care of Businesses

Top-Grade Commercial HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance Services Provided

Commercial HVAC and plumbing represent the oft-forgotten structures that drive your business. They operate in the background but are crucial to the normal flow of your business. If your plumbing or HVAC ceases to work, then they can grind your operations to a halt and severely affect your bottom line. C&E Industrial Services, Inc. has a team of certified plumbers and HVAC technicians that can install, insulate, and maintain your systems.

Commercial HVAC in El Paso

Experts in Plumbing, HVAC, and Air Conditioning

C&E Industrial Services Inc. is a highly qualified commercial HVAC and plumbing contractor.  Utilizing only the most qualified and licensed professionals, C&E will bring even the oldest buildings into compliance. Like the veins of the human body, HVAC and plumbing represent the crucial but hidden systems of your commercial building.

Our Commercial HVAC Services Include:

  • Chiller install, start-up, and commissioning
  • Boiler install, start-up, and commissioning, as well as retrofit and repairs
  • Air Handling Units, Start-up & Commissioning
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Insulation

Our Plumbing Services Include:

  • Hot tapping services
  • Sanitary piping
  • Oil/grease interceptors
  • Roof drainage systems
  • Gas piping
  • Process piping
  • Medical gas systems
  • Hot and cold water piping
  • Steam and chill water systems

Commercial Air Conditioning

In the blistering heat of the Southwest, having a dependable air conditioning system is crucial to keeping your employees and assets at comfortable temperatures. In fact, commercial HVAC in El Paso is usually focused on air conditioning thanks to our famous summer heat. We can install and maintain every component of your air conditioning system, so you can focus on what matters most.

Commercial Heating

With the desert environment, comes blazing heat and freezing cold. When living in the land of extremes, a good heating system can be just as important as a good air conditioning system. We specialize in every aspect of the heating process, from boiler install to maintenance and repair. Every component of your heating system needs to work in unison—that’s why our technicians are trained to be experts in the entire process. We’ve installed heating systems for every type of commercial building, and can install the right system for your needs.

Commercial Plumbing

One of the worst situations any business can experience is a major plumbing issue. This system we often take for granted can disrupt normal operations and be potentially dangerous depending on the type of industry. Here at C&E, we employ experienced and qualified plumbers who can work with any piping system. We also provide maintenance to avoid any major issues or malfunctions. When it comes to commercial plumbing services, we provide the highest quality service in the Southwest. 

How We’re Different

Too often in the commercial HVAC industry, companies will complete the initial project and fail to properly maintain their systems. Or perhaps even worse, they fail to successfully complete the initial installation and have to return often to make repairs. Here at C&E, we do the job right the first time around and perform quality maintenance to keep your systems running. We only employ the best, so you can be confident in your HVAC and focus on what’s important. 

C&E Industrial Services, Inc. : Leaders in Commercial HVAC and Services

C&E Industrial Services, Inc. has performed commercial HVAC and general contracting services for multiple private and public entities. With continued and active contracts with NASA – White Sands Test Facility, White Sands Missile Range, El Paso Electric, and Western Refinery, C&E Industrial Services, Inc. deploys trained, competent and experienced management and craftsmen to every project to provide a finished product of unparalleled quality.

Finishing projects on time and on budget, C&E Industrial Services, Inc. adapts to any and all project demands. Our professional craftsmen and management professionals will work under even the most difficult circumstances. We perform full renovations under full occupation.

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