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Pipe Insulation in El Paso

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Pipe Insulation

Whether you’re seeking energy conservation, temperature control, soundproofing, or protection from the elements, our experienced personnel specialize in resourceful problem solving and innovative systems. Our professional insulators will custom fit insulation and weatherproof jacketing for optimal performance. For years, C&E Industrial Services, Inc. has been the best in the Southwest in pipe insulation, and we continue to deliver top-notch services to all of our clients.

Pipe Insulation in El Paso

With manufacturing, construction, and heavy industries making up a significant portion of El Paso’s economy, having the right equipment is crucial to growing your business and the city itself. Efficiency is often the driving force behind this growth, and the right pipe insulation is a key component of efficiency. The climate of El Paso changes dramatically throughout the year, from 100+ degrees in the summer to near freezing in the winter. The potential for energy loss is enormous unless the proper insulation is applied. C&E Industrial Services, Inc. specializes in pipe insulation to keep your materials—and business—flowing.

Insulation Blankets

At C&E Industrial Services, Inc., we custom fabricate insulated blankets to fit any application. Whether it be HVAC ductwork or high-temperature steam lines, our custom designs and innovative techniques allow us to customize any project. Pipes come in every size and configuration, so your insulation should be unique to your pipes. We design with the future in mind, so our blankets are built for easy access but long term protection.

Why You Should Invest In Insulation

We often get the question, “Why should I insulate my pipes?” We can understand the skepticism, especially since installing pipes can be a costly endeavor on its own. However, there are concrete reasons to insulate, ranging from safety to energy savings. 

Below are just a few of the benefits of a well-insulated piping system. 

  • Fire protection
  • Controlling vibration
  • Condensation and corrosion control
  • Safe surface temperature
  • Keeping temperatures in a safe range

Our Insulation Options

Different piping and HVAC needs will require different insulation options. Depending on the type of pipe, the normal operating temperature, the location, and other factors, we will help you determine the best material for your needs and budget. Once you obtain the material, our pipe insulation specialists can apply it to give you the best results. Please find our available insulation material options below:


Foam insulation can be separated into two categories: flexible and rigid foam. Flexible foam is great for water vapor and surface condensation resistance—great for refrigeration and air conditioning.


Rubber is most common in HVAC, given its insulating, soundproofing, anti-vibration, and durability properties. Rubber is a cost-effective option for pipe insulation.


Fiberglass is a material made from fibers of glass, slag, or rock. Fiberglass insulation is typically used on systems ranging from 0 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and has many industrial applications.


Aerogel is a low-density solid material, and is considered one of the best insulation materials available. Significantly less aerogel is required to have comparable results to other materials, but it is extremely costly.

Insulation Panel Enclosures

Let us help design an insulated weather enclosures to protect your pumps, motors, or any other equipment with removable panels for easy access and maintenance. In the variable weather of the Southwest, you don’t want to leave your pipes to find for themselves from the harsh desert elements.

Contact C&E Industrial Services, Inc. For Your Insulation Needs

If you are interested in the benefits of insulation and our services, contact us to find out more. We can craft the optimal insulation package for your pipes and make your business safer and more profitable.
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