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Post Weld Heat Treatment: The Basics and Benefits

Post Weld Heat Treatment: The Basics and Benefits

At C&E Industrial Services, we pride ourselves on being the only provider of Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) in the Southwest region. This treatment can improve the quality of your material, and increase its longevity considerably when done properly. However, though many have heard of welding, far less have heard of PWHT. In this article, we thought we’d deliver a basic definition of the process, as well as its benefits.

Uncovering the Truth About Post Weld Heat Treatment

Like the name would suggest, PWHT is a process wherein heat is applied after the welding process is complete. Welding, while an essential process, can weaken metal or equipment by adding residual stress to the material. In order to fix this often unavoidable aspect of welding, PWHT can be used to maintain the strength of the material. It typically works by heating the material to a temperature below a critical point for an extended period of time, which can reduce stresses that formed in the welding process. The cooling period is also controlled, so new weaknesses aren’t developed during the process. The treatment is especially popular in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

The Many Benefits of PWHT

As mentioned above, the treatment is used to reduce stresses developed during the welding process. If the welding process weakened material to an unacceptable level, the material will likely fail well before it is supposed to. In addition, certain codes in the ASME require PWHT for certain materials and thicknesses. These materials are often at risk of stress corrosion cracking. Overall, it is an important process to maintain the strength and functionality of your material.

If you want to ensure the longevity of your pipes, C&E Industrial Services can provide the treatment that no other company provides. Contact us today to inquire about our PWHT services.

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